How I got myself into this.

Every time when I hear from a client or a friend about “don’t know what to buy” for birthday’s, anniversary or a simple Thank you present. It kept me thinking for a long time... I face the same problem. Artique Studio were formed for all our existing clients and friends from Artifela Design. But when my supplier couldn’t supply a good steady frame to Artique Studio for our canvas. I bought a cutting machine and that’s how I got involved with wood.

What I learn from Wood.

Wood is actually one very versatile material and when you apply creativity into it, it’s another whole new dimension. I discovered that turning an ugly/uneven/irregular or askew into a piece of art is very rewarding and highly satisfying. And in turn I can apply this experience to life learning and turn a bad or ugly situation into something good.

Respect and Passion.​

The materials and machines you hold in your hand is something powerful. Every steps towards the end of the big picture required patient and passion. And every failed attempted is a step forward to master a skill. When you respect the materials the result is very different.