Marie’s Coffee Table (15)

Coffee Table

Conceptualizing the big picture.

Lines Drawing 2

Select wood, cut and stick

Cut and position


Glue and secure firmly.

Screw to reinforce

Secure with 6X4″ screw.

Repeat the same for the 2 sides

Repeat it for the two sides and form up.

Building 2 level

After building the table top and fixed. Build level 2.

Second level done

Fix 2 level into position.

Vertical wood for 3rd level

Secure the inner holder then cut and position the vertical wood.

Coffee table Completed

Build level 4 (Laptop base) and fix. Varnish it to perfection.

All screws are hidden.

Took this pix next to a cut-down tree because it’s symbolic.

The client instruction was “I want to put my legs through the coffee table”  when I sit on the floor.

Joining those individual wood strips one by one is very tedious and difficult. Because it’s takes too much time and it has lots of trouble shooting along the way. Unevenness, cracks, chip off and worst of all hidden soft loosen wood falling off while sanding it. I think that’s the reason why carpenter doesn’t use this method. I like it because it has lots of character from different wood strips and especially from the ugly ones. Difficulties and frustrations is inevitable but satisfaction cannot be described in words after you completed what seems impossible. I knew nothing about woodwork until I started it by accident and got to learn it along the way. I’m very happy with this new skills.

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