Mac Mac. (67)

I guess she don’t like it.
Not very happy after I made some adjustment to this rain bag for her.
Not very comfortable for her I thought, so…
Took her for check up and that’s when we discovered there’s lots of lumps.
She woke up because she heard our voice.
After surgery
Still so cute
Always a happy dog
I built this sink for her after the surgery
A year later her lumps came back
Second surgery failed. Her heart stopped and have to call off surgery.
I started carrying her around
Everywhere she goes, she’ll have the window sit!
Even her very own first class view transportation.
Things just got worst, she started to cough a lot.
Her lumps got bigger and bigger and started to smells
Jo & I always smile at her
But still she’s looking sad
Our standard stuffs everywhere we go
Wake up every middle of the night to take a look at her
Bought her to office everyday
She would limp slowly to my table to look for me
The last 3 days before she pass away
This is what she left us with
Thank you and good bye Mac. We love you every much.

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